The "god mode" of location-based social analytics

Find business and marketing opportunity with location

In the era of mobile and wearable devices, location becomes essential for all business and marketing activities. Social network data is a perfect source for organizations to find potential opportunites to improve the service.

Zoom Social can help any organization to establish location-boosted, the next generation of strategies.

Unleash the power of data generated by social network

Researches have been showing the significance of social network analytics on building customer-oriented business. However collecting, storing, processing and analyzing location data generated by social network is not a mission that can be afforded by every organization.

Zoom Social can help any organization to extract insights from the location-based big data with lowest cost.

Zoom Social aims to help any organizatin to
leverage the power of location based social data

How you can benefit from Zoom Social Service

You will be able to capture real-time trending topics and mentions at any zoomlevel, and any location.
You can export search result and feed data into any data analytics scripts or business inteligence platform.
You can gain even more insights if you incoporate analysis on the following relations or users.
Integrate it easily with your precise marketing or customer service system.